Reading Is Easy
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Reading Is Easy

Or Ought to Be
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Marguerite Eckertson Koons
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A teacher for more than thirty-five years, author Marguerite Koons believes every child deserves the opportunity to learn how to read. In Reading Is Easy, she demonstrates that reading is not only easy, but also has the ability to changes a persons life.
Relying on her personal experiences, Koons presents successful methods and techniques she has developed to make reading both easy and fun in a classroom setting and individually. In this guide, she shares actual case reports of a wide range of reading success stories. She discusses the five stages of learning to read, the ways that play can factor into the learning and reading process, the progression from preschool to kindergarten, tips for teaching remedial reading, and hints for studying methods.

Reading Is Easy offers many of the resources Koons has developed over the years, including charts and games that turn reading into an interesting and fun experience. Her story guides teachers and parents to help their children learn to read and attain success in school and everyday life.

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