Dream Catcher
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Dream Catcher

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Ryan Adkins
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It is the first day of school for six-year-old Dorian Hubble, and making new friends is so much trouble. While Dorian uses his imagination to dream of rockets, Martians, and outer space stations, his classmates laugh, giggle, and grin. Dorian feels sad and wonders if he will ever fit in.
Later that night, Dorian uses his dream catcher to wish for a friend with the hope that his loneliness will disappear. But when his wish comes true, Dorian learns that if he believes in himself, even his wildest dreams can come true. As he takes a journey through the beautiful world of dreams, Dorian finds strength and happiness in a magical land filled with creatures both big and small.

Dream Catcher is a captivating childrens story that encourages children to dare to be different, chase their dreams, and discover the power of their imaginations.

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