Emily’S Imaginary Airplane
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Emily’S Imaginary Airplane

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David Anderson
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On Emilys first day of summer vacation, the possibilities seem endlessuntil a thunderstorm arrives. Its too wet and rainy to play outside with her friends. Even worse, the thunderstorm has knocked out the power. That means no lightsand no television!
When Emily thinks that there is simply nothing for her to do, her mother comes up with an idea. Since she cant play outside, and theres no electricity for the television, maybe she can sort through her clothes. Anything that doesnt fit can go into the box for charity. Emilys mom brings her a box to get her started.

But as she looks at the box, her imagination takes over. The box is transformed into an airplane! She runs through the house and gathers the tools shell need to take flight. What incredible adventures are in store for Emily now?

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