Don’T Lose Touch
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Don’T Lose Touch

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T. Stevens
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Emma Pierce used to believe in love in first sight; it happened to her on the first day of her freshman year of high school. That was the day she met Hunter Speers, and she has loved him ever since. But when head cheerleader Julia Peters killed Emmas dreams, she changed.Now in her twenties and jaded by years of living the free-love life in San Francisco, Emma has grown numb to the idea of finding love again. She has no problem finding men who fulfill her physical desires, but no one can compete with the memory of Hunter for her heart. Sex is now a chore, and this formerly romantic young woman knows she must find another way to fill the void. Terrified of spending the rest of her life cruising from one unfulfilling one-night stand to the next, she makes a decision: she wants a love so deep and out of control that she loses her sense of whats real.
Beyond that, she knows only one thing: she wants to share that love with Hunter Speers.
Throwing caution to the wind, she makes plans to attend her tenth high school reunion and commits to spending every minute she has to whipping herself into the best shape of her life. At the reunion, her life will take a sudden turn and change forever.

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