Soul Diving from My Giant’S Eyebrow
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Soul Diving from My Giant’S Eyebrow

An Inspirational Journey to Achieving Intuitiveness
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Maria Garay Renolds
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Learning to tune in and listen to your intuitionyour souls voicecan help guide you through life when logic fails. With the goal of teaching you how to discover your own intuitive abilities, spiritual coach Maria Garay Reynolds shares personal soul-diving experiences that illustrate how she transformed herself at a young age, healed from within, and eventually became her true self.
Reynolds, who takes cues from sounds and memories to connect with the spiritual activity around her each day, offers a look into the details of her unique journey through life. She transformed from an insecure girl disliked by her peers into a confident woman who learned to rely on her intuition to live a well-balanced existence filled with love, growth, and substance. While encouraging others to develop their intuitive powers, Reynolds recalls her experiences and reveals her need to reconnect with her mother and to unveil the truths of her past so that she could move forward and live in harmony with one foot on Mother Earth and the other on the spiritual world.

Soul Diving from My Giants Eyebrow shares a spiritual coachs journey in order to teach others how to listen to intuitive feelings, seal hidden fears, and become all-knowing in life and beyond.

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