Being the Light
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Being the Light

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Jackye Watkins
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Inspired by God, Being the Light offers guidance in obtaining inspiration, motivation, prosperity, health, happiness, and peace. Author Jackye Watkins shares her life storythe ups and the downs, the successes and challengesand shows how God has played an important role throughout her journey.
Filled with Bible verses, personal anecdotes, inspirational quotes, and poetry, Being the Light focuses on helping you live the life you desire. Watkins shares a host of tips and advice for attaining your dreams and goals:

Let go of your past.

Know you are the light of the world. No one is as unique and amazing as you are.

Define what you enjoy doing to discover your lifes purpose.

Realize you are Gods greatest creation.

Be a contributor and shine your light.

Make every day count.

Be grateful.

Maintain a spirit of giving.

Being the Light narrates Watkins story of realizing her lifes purpose and communicates the importance of being confident, having faith, and trusting in God to make it all happen.

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