A Gift of Love
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A Gift of Love

A Widow’S Memoir
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Linda Della Donna
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Like two chips in a cookie, Linda and Ed Sclier were rolling happily along in their marriageonly to have everything come undone when Ed was diagnosed with cancer. Less than a year later, he died, turning Lindas world upside down. In A Gift of Love, she narrates her grief journey, shares the highlights of the wonderful man she fell in love with and married, describes the love they shared, and tells about the woman she has become since her soul mate died.
While tracing a golden thread of treasured memories, A Gift of Love shares the struggles of a dying man, his untimely death, and his widows deepest sorrows. Telling the story of their lives and her sorrow with grace and honesty, Linda gives a step-by-step accounting of love, loss, and the celebration of her soul mates end, while marking her new beginning.

More than fulfilling the promise she made to her husband on his deathbed to write his story, this memoir teaches lifes valuable lesson: when you lose a spouse, life goes onand love does live forever. Most of all, it acts as a reminder that though life can change suddenly, each one of us possesses the power to decide to accept the unthinkable.

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