Stella and the Rocks
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Stella and the Rocks

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L. M. H. Dries
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On a typical day on the farm, Farmer Bill goes about his chores as usual. He lets the chickens out of the coop and moves on to other thingsbut a gust of wind slams the coop door shut, trapping three of the Barred Rock chickens inside! The other hens try as hard as they can to free them, but they just cant get the door open.
Just as things start to seem hopeless, Stella, a big, black pig who is sunbathing nearby, hears the hens clucking and goes to see what is happening. With her strong snout, Stella is sure she can help.

As Stella works to free the trapped chickens, she and the other animals learn important lessons about friendship, teamwork, never giving up, and helping others. This childrens tale, with characters based on real farm animals who live together on the Triple L Family Farm in Kennebunkport, Maine, brings their adventures to life.

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