The Secret Gift
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The Secret Gift

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Ann Marie Grace
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At Christmas time, Stevenwho is already dealing with a new home and schoolsees only two presents for him under his grandmothers Christmas tree. When he finally opens the gifts on Christmas morning, he is disappointed. Inside the boxes are only paper and a box of crayons. Unhappy, Steven runs to his bedroom. Even so, he feels bad for his grandmother and decides to draw her a picture for Christmas. But when the picture comes alive before his eyes, Steven can hardly believe his luck.
Now he can use the crayons to draw and transport himself into any adventure he can imagine! Steven first draws food, and then toys, and finally a land made of candy. As Steven creates one adventure after the other, he rides in a hot air balloon, becomes king of a village, and hikes in a jungle. Whenever he puts his crayons away, he returns back to his bedsafe and sound. But one night when Steven arrives home after yet another adventure, he sees a strange, orange light under his door. What could it be?

In this childrens tale, a little boy learns that people are more valuable than things when he uses his simple Christmas gifts for good.

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