Chetty T. Chipmunk’s Journey Home
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Chetty T. Chipmunk’s Journey Home

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Linda Stevenski
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Chetty T. Chipmunk has enjoyed a wonderful visit with his aunt Ella, but now its time to go home. As Chetty gets ready to leave, a knock on the door reveals his best friend, Thomas DuncanT.D., for short. He and T.D. are ready to go to Chettys house, which is on the other side of the woods!
As the two chipmunks make their way through the woods, T.D. remembers seeing something amazing. On the other side of the pond is a beautiful water curtain. T.D. thinks it would be great to go to the other side of the pond to see a water curtain, but Chetty isnt so sure. After all, he did promise his mama that hed stay on the main path when walking through the woods.

But Chetty decides it will be okay as long as they hurry, and the pair set off for the other side of the pond. What they find there, though, is more amazingand much scarierthan they could ever have imagined!

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