A Global Solution for the Protection of Inventions
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A Global Solution for the Protection of Inventions

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Esteban Donoso
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Is the current global legal system for patents really universal, fair, and effective? Author Esteban Donoso addresses this question in A Global Solution for the Protection of Inventions.
Sharing the results of an extensive study, Donoso analyzes the legal nature of intellectual property, industrial property, and patents and reviews the evolution and background of the current global legal scenario of the protection of inventions.

The study also identifies the main flaws, strengths, and virtues of the current system and examines the international instrument governing patents. Donoso then introduces a corrective action plan and addresses the compatibility of the proposal in regard to free trade, technology transfer, and the least possible market distortion.

A Global Solution for the Protection of Inventions seeks to correct the deficiencies that exist in the current patent system by introducing a differentiated protection period granted by a patent according to the economic capacity of each country and demonstrates that this action is necessary to make the global agreement governing the system just and effective.

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