Within a Presumption of Godlessness
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Within a Presumption of Godlessness

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Tom Dauria
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This book presents compelling evidence that we can still believe in God. We must ?rst realize, however, that there is a parallel force opposing good. Good is complacent whereas evil is relentless and determined. Within mindlessness, evil is normal, natural, and always. Evil is a negative, not a positive; it is merely the absence of goodness, of God. It is relentless only in that it is ever present and waiting as darkness is always present without light as is cold nothing but the absence of warmth as is absolute zero outside the universe and Gods creation.
Within man, evil seeks every opportunity to campaign. It infests media, literature, and academia. It attempts through the proliferation of media outlets to convince that there is no evil and no God.

The results of this campaign are obvious. In modern societies in which more money and time are spent on care and concern for youth than ever before, children are ever more lost and confused, and for the ?rst time in history are killing each other. They are being taught via the media and in schools to hatehate Christianity, hate Christians and Jews, hate church and religion, hate the Bible and commandments, hate democracy and freedom. They are not being taught the truth or being shown the evidence for the existence of God.

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