Standing on One Leg
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Standing on One Leg

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M. Sophie Schneider
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It is not until the day Sophies mother dies that the search for her fathers family begins. As Sophie rehashes her childhood over the phone with her sister, Kat, she soon realizes she has more questions than answers.
Sophie hires a genealogist to research her fathers family, but without a real name, information is scarce. Unlike in a mystery novel, there are no witnesses or disgruntled family members, just fragmented memories and a slip of paper found in an old book. As Sophie struggles to piece together the bits and pieces of snatched conversations she heard as a child, she soon wonders whether anyone in her one sided family knows anything-whether their silence is deliberate or habitual. But Sophie is determined to unearth the secrets buried long ago. As she digs into the past, she slowly begins to unravel information that just might lead her to her fathers true identity, and who the other shiny-shoed man was in her mothers life.

Standing on One Leg is a story of heartbreak and hope that reveals one womans journey to the realization that change happens only if she is willing to look at everything in a different way.

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