The Big, Blue, Overstuffed Chair
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The Big, Blue, Overstuffed Chair

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Carolyn Spicer
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Elvira is a kind-hearted Rhode Island Red hen who lives in a cozy house at the end of a quiet street. One morning, after Elvira Hen decides to take a walk along a path that leads into the big woods, she makes a shocking discovery. After Elvira finds a paper sack filled with money, she immediately takes it to the police station, where a policeman promises to find its rightful owner. But when no one comes forward to claim the money, Elvira suddenly finds herself richer than she ever imagined.
On her way home, Elvira sees a beautiful, big, blue, overstuffed chair in a store window. Even though she now has the money to purchase the chair, Elvira decides to wait for another day. Finally, after all the tax collectors pay her a visit, Elvira has just enough left over to purchase the chair. But soon Elvira learns that nothing is certain in life.
In this childrens tale, a hen who is determined to do the right thing must rely on friendship, love, and the goodness of her heart after she makes a discovery that leads her down an unexpected path in life.

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