State of Summer
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State of Summer

Love and Misadventure of a College Student
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K. L. Harkey
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Summer Hayes is new to heartbreak when a guy shes dating cheats on her during her first year of college in Los Angeles. Now distrusting men and determined to take advantage of her new single lifestyle, Summer decides to record every detail of her journey to redefine herself. She has no idea that her decision will soon lead her down a dangerous path and send her life spinning out of control.
After surviving a freshman year that turns out to be even more superficial than high school, Summer moves back into the dorms at her dream school, where she has the coolest job on campus and a new group of friends. Unfortunately, there is only one thing missing: the perfect guy. Even as a past love captivates her thoughts, Summer willingly accepts lust instead of love and abandons all personal responsibility. Led by a desire for revenge, she engages in late-night debauchery, choosing to live without regrets. Now only time will tell if she can live up to her new mantra and finally forget about the one person who constantly occupies her thoughts.

State of Summer shares the compelling journey of a California college student as she struggles to keep pace with the life she has created for herself and faces the consequences of her lost innocence.

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