The Wine Taster’S Affair
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The Wine Taster’S Affair

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Jerry Kreuser
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Jerry is an average-Joe with average-Joe problems. His wife divorced him, his boss hates him, he drinks too much, his credit cards are maxed out, and his dog needs expensive surgery. Hes on a ledge without a net.
On the other hand, there is nothing average about Brandy. She is way above average. A small-town girl, sweet and nave, her beauty leads her to become caught up in a tangled web of abuse, lies, sex, and deception. For Brandy, its not if she makes a mistakeits when. And when she does, the life shes been living, her precarious balancing act, is going to come crashing down around her.

Jerry and Brandy deserve better than they have been getting, and each one is praying for a break to come their way. Both of them are broken-hearted and desperate, feeling alone even when with family and friends. Their self-imposed isolation drives them to look for a way outany way out.

When Jerry and Brandy meet in the most unlikely of ways, the sparks (and clothes) fly. However, their lusty attraction quickly grows into something more meaningful. Jerry helps Brandy escape from a violent husband and a manipulative lover. In return, Brandy ends up rescuing Jerry from himself.

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