Out of Options
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Out of Options

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Sharon V. Agar
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The tiny Caribbean isle of Ste. Anne seems like the perfect vacation spot for three New York professionals in search of sunshine, underwater adventure, and perhaps a little tropical romance. But when Eddie Bell, Eve MacFarland and Julian Carteret embark on an afternoon dive, they soon discover that still waters can run deadly. In this business suspense novel, three young professionals must use their wits, financial savvy, and the expertise of a band of unlikely and colorful characters to discover the truth and neutralize the threatsbefore it is too late.
Sharon Agar is a delicious writer with a gift for the utterly hypnotic twists and turns that put your day on hold. Out of Options is intelligent and propulsivea suspenseful, sometimes funny novel about New York professionals slogging through the unexpected.

Norb Vonnegut, NYT-acclaimed author of The Trust

With dazzling realism, chess-like intricacy, witty dialogue, wry humor, and profound emotional insight, in Out of Options Sharon Agar marvelously and suspensefully fashions a skein of mystery, drama, romance, and corporate behavior that will not let go of you, long after youve turned the final page.

David M. Darst, Author, Educator, and former Chief Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

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