Pioneers of Professional Wrestling
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Pioneers of Professional Wrestling

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Tim Corvin
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This historic collection explores the origins of mixed martial arts and professional wrestling in the United States and features profiles of more than 30 mat stars of the era, wrestling in art, over 100 antique photos and more.
There is perhaps no sport more primitive or more widely dispersed than wrestling. In its early days, many of the pros were Civil War soldiers who wrestled in camps, while others were lumberjacks, miners, and railroad men.

In Pioneers of Professional Wrestling, author Tim Corvin takes a look at how mixed martial arts and todays professional wresting began. He provides insight into this competitive, hand-to-hand combat sport from 1860 through 1899 by

delving into the sports history;

discussing the evolution of professional wrestling;

describing the various wresting styles; and

offering biographies of the sports pioneers.

A reference guide on the origins of mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, This book contains detailed listings of all available match results, newspaper clippings, tobacco cards, lithographs, and many fun facts, such as:

Abraham Lincoln was one of the American frontiers fiercest grapplers

William Muldoon and Clarence Whistler wrestled to a 7+ hour draw

Farmer Burns had such a strong neck that he could drop six feet on a hangmans noose to no effect, then whistle Yankee Doodle while hanging

Evan Strangler Lewis was the dirtiest wrestler in the game and often maimed his opponents

The Terrible Turk was so violent he caused riots

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