Argy Boy!
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Argy Boy!

A New York Dog Tale
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Argy Boy is a little black and white dog who lives high above the New York City skyline. He is so happy and comfortable in the apartment he shares with a friendly kitten, a talking parrot, and two goldfish.Argy loves to run and chase Blizzard the kitten all around the apartment. Run, run, run! Argy likes to listen to Soleil the parrot. Talk, talk, talk! Argy enjoys watching the goldfish, Woody and Moonstruck, swim around their bowl. Swim, swim, swim!
But then one night, Argy hears a strange scratching noise coming from the kitchen. When he runs to investigate, he finds an unexpected visitor. Now, the fun really begins! Argy is so happy to have another pet friend: a tiny ballerina mouse. Shake, shake, shake!
Argy Boy! is the heartwarming tale of a little city dog who makes a new pal and takes her for a ride around his apartment, where they both discover that playing with friends is more fun than anything else in the whole, wide world.
Happy, happy, happy!

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