Out of the Darkness
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Out of the Darkness

An Inspirational Story of Survival in the Face of Stroke and Locked-In Syndrome
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Allison S. O’Reilly
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In an instant, forty-nine-year-old Allison OReilly went from being an active woman engaged in her family, the challenges of daily life, and a career as director of marketing for a Fortune 100 company to a life struggle to regain her independence. In Out of the Darkness, she shares her personal story of experiencing a brain stem stroke that left her in a locked-in syndrome.
Her memoir chronicles the events of her massive stroke, as well as her will and determination to fight for her life and independence. She narrates the story of her miraculous recovery in the face of enormous odds, the task of relearning everything, the overwhelming challenges, and the lessons she learned about herself when faced with adversity.

A narrative of healing and of love and hope, Out of the Darkness shares the realities of OReillys experiences, acknowledging that every stroke and every recovery is different. In this story, she strives to provide a non-clinical voice for all stroke survivors.

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