Truth Flies with Fiction
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Truth Flies with Fiction

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Dale J. Satterthwaite
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During World War II, author Dale J. Satterthwaite was a B-25 pilot who flew more than seventy missions over Italy and France in 1944. Truth Flies with Fiction, his memoir, presents a truthful, firsthand account of the missions and adventures of the real Catch-22 airmen.
A personal tale full of humor and tragedy, this memoir provides insight into the life of a B-25 bomber pilot, as well as the experience of being part of an elite and highly decorated bomb group. Satterthwaite was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross twice, the Presidential Unit Citations twice, and the Air Metal eight times.

Told through journal entries and letters written home to Satterthwaites fiance, Eleanor, Truth Flies with Fiction includes dozens of photos showing the airplanes in action, including the aftermath of the Vesuvius eruption that destroyed eight-eight airplanes at the Pompeii airbase. With a unique perspective, this firsthand account explains the equipment, missions, and tactics of World War II airmen and brings their experiences to life.

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