Charli’S Choices
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Charli’S Choices

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Marian B. Moldan
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Charli never says a word outside her house. She only speaks to her mother and father, and if her nana and poppy come over, it takes her a long time to say any words.
One day, Charlis best friend from school, comes over to play. Lily, who brings a big sack of toys to share, must rely on Charlis mother to ask choice questions that encourage Charli to practice talking. As her mother gives her choices, Charli soon begins to open up and talk to Lily. Charli chooses which colored marker she wants to use, what she wants to draw, and whether she wants to borrow one of Lilys markers. Charli and Lily are having so much fun!

Charlis Choices is a beneficial, interactive childrens book for educators, children, and parents that offers valuable insight into selective mutism as a little girls mother teaches her, through specific questions, how to communicate successfully with others.

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