The Great Red Fuzzy
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The Great Red Fuzzy

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Dauna Howe
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A strange, loud, and hairy creature invades a small town, stomping all around until he finds a big rock and sits down. As dogs, cats, and children run away and hide, the Great Red Fuzzy soon makes himself at home by drinking an entire stream and demanding the townspeople provide him a place to nap.
While the Great Red Fuzzy sleeps, the people of the town gather to think of a plan to trap him. But it is not long before the creature with one scary eye hears them and makes yet another request. As the townspeople rush around to fulfill his latest demand, they come up with a creative idea that changes everything.

The Great Red Fuzzy is the charming childrens tale of a giant creature who bullies the residents of small town until they band together and decide to take matters into their own hands.

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