Inside Out
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Inside Out

Building a Glass House in Russia
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Glenn R. Williamson
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In Russia, it is said, Nothing and everything is possible. In Inside Out, author Glenn Williamson explains the award-winning development of St. Petersburgs first modern Class A office/retail center by a multinational team of Americans, Russians, Brits, Turks, and Finns.
Inside Out provides a fascinating memoir of his experiences working as a developer in Russia in the 1990s while balancing a home life with a new baby son. With unique and astute anecdotes, it offers insights into Russia, its people, and its culture.

Inside Out, funny and serious, sincere and sarcastic, narrates the anatomy of a real estate deal. Now, at a time when America and Russia consider ways to reset their relations, Williamsons story shows how actual players on all sides of a complex business and personal adventure looked for, and ultimately found, a common language.

If you ever wondered what a developer does all day especially one developing in Russia all your questions will be answered by reading this fascinating story.

Dr. Peter Linneman, Linneman Associates

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