Reflections of a Beachcomber
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Reflections of a Beachcomber

How to Cope with Disability, Divorce, and Job Loss
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Larry W. Gasser
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Presenting a tangy mixture of life on a Pacific beach, haiku poetry, and essays on life and living, Reflections of a Beachcomber bares author Dr. Larry W. Gassers soul to illustrate his errors of thought and emotion that prolonged his many crises.
In this personal collection, he recalls how he successfully coped with job losses, divorce, and three disabling conditions. Reflections of a Beachcomber explores ways of thinking and feeling that lead to coping successfully with disability generally and blindness in particular, linking those coping skills with relationship issues. Gasser combines twenty-five years of teaching college writing and literature and masters level studies in counseling and guidance with a modern existential philosophy to guide you through many of the major crises life can bring.

Through a multifaceted approach Gasser offers ways of working out solutions to personal challenges, explores a practical philosophy of life, and discusses important and valuable experiences in his relationships. He shares his story in Reflections of a Beachcomber to show how you can learn from your experiences rather than being dominated by them.

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