Lights Out
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Lights Out

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Kathy Fong Riddle
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Every night, when its time to go to bed, Natalie and Adrian enjoy a story with Mom and Dadsometimes even two stories. And then, with a hug and a kiss, Mom and Dad tell them its time for lights outtime to go to sleep. But Natalie wonders whether it could ever be lights out when its not time to go to sleep.
In this fun and engaging story, Natalie and Adrian learn all about electricity and the kinds of activities they can do without electricity and other utilities. Theres a lot to do in case of an emergency, but Mom and Dad have a great plan.

Its important to have an emergency plan and to be sure that everyone knows what the plan is. Lights Out is a great way to start a conversation about what to do in case of emergency and even how to have fun without electricity.

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