Finding Manners with Chippie Chipmunk
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Finding Manners with Chippie Chipmunk

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Chippie Chipmunk knows everything there is to know about manners, and hes excited to share all he knows with you! From what to do when you sneeze to what to do with your napkin when you leave your seat, Chippie knows just what to do to impress your friends and family with your manners. He can even give you some great pointers on how to stay clean and neat and what to do to make it better if youve said something mean.
Finding Manners with Chippie Chipmunk is a fun and entertaining tool to help you impart knowledge of basic etiquette to your children. Authors and renowned etiquette instructors Darcee and Wilbur Klapp take a look at etiquette through the eyes of a child to deliver this brilliant answer to teaching your children a wide range of manners in the neutral, fun, and nonjudgmental environment they need in order to do their best learning.

Have fun finding your manners!

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