The Dark Secret
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The Dark Secret

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Molly Shy
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As strangers surrounded her mothers casket, Molly sat with her sister, Babs, on a trunk. Much too young to understand what was happening, Molly had no idea what was in store for Babs or herselfor that it would be the last night they would spend together. Before nights end it was decided that Molly would live with her Aunt Dora and that Babs would go with another uncle. The two girls were reluctantly separated.
As Molly grew up, the sadness she endured was visible in her eyes. She missed her sister, Babs, who was facing struggles of her own. With her father a stranger and her aunt jealous of her beauty, Molly became a rebellious child who was abused and treated like the black sheep of the family.

The destinies of the two sisters eventually took them to opposite sides of the country, and Molly struggled to find happiness amid a chaotic present and an uncertain future. When she eventually met the love of her life, she could only hope she finally found the one person who could give her what she has always wanted.

In this personal narrative, which incorporates original poetry throughout, a woman recalls her heartbreaking coming-of-age journey, revealing the skeletons hidden within her closet and her search for unconditional love.

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