What’S in That Ol’ Shoebox?
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What’S in That Ol’ Shoebox?

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Perry German II
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When a little boy grows tired of wondering what is inside his fathers special shoebox, he finally decides to ask. But when his father tells him it is filled with a message of hope eternal and that he must wait to hear the whole story, the boy thinks he will burst with curiosity.
As the boy attempts to go about his day, he decides he cannot wait another minute to see what is in that box. After plotting and planning to secretly peek inside the box, he waits for the perfect time. As the lawn mower roars to life outside his house, the boy makes his move. But as he climbs a ladder, reaches the box inside his fathers closet, and quietly opens it, he has no idea that his father is standing behind him.

In this inspirational childrens tale, a young boy led by his curiosity is about to uncover a treasure that will forever change how he looks at his father, life, and himself.

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