It’S Not Always Racist … but Sometimes It Is
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It’S Not Always Racist … but Sometimes It Is

Reshaping How We Think About Racism
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Dionne Wright Poulton Ph.D.
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Not all incidents related to race should be considered instances of racism. And not all people who make comments about race are racists. In Its Not Always Racist but Sometimes It Is, author Dionne Wright Poulton, PhD, argues that society misuses these termsracism and racistand that this misuse of language damages society. She advocates engaging in ongoing, open, and honest dialogue.
Through this discussion, Dr. Poulton shows why the United States continues to have problems with race. She teaches specific tools and language to help you critically analyze situations that happen in your everyday life and in society, affording you the opportunity to insightfully break down each situation into its simplest form and to make sense of it.

Its Not Always Racist but Sometimes It Is offers solutions and practical advice on how to repair the damage done through racism and prevent further harm. It creates a space for genuine dialogue on race, racism, and racial bias.

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