Three Little Girls
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Three Little Girls

Hope’S Escape
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Dasie Rose Aster
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Blessed with three beautiful daughters, the Christmas family thinks everything is normaluntil their middle daughter begins acting different than other children her age. As Katy grows older, her sisters, Hope and Babie, begin to notice the differences too. As she grows older, Katys actions earn her a nickname from her sister: Crazy.
As Katys sisters watch helplessly, she blames others for her actions and fools her parents into believing in her self-proclaimed innocence. But when she enters fifth grade and is introduced to alcohol, the trouble truly begins. While she continually breaks rules and pushes the boundaries without her parents knowledge, Hope witnesses the impact of her actions and soon transforms her bitterness into revenge. As Babie ventures outside the norms of society and Crazy follows a dark path, it seems that no one in the Christmas family knows what normal is anymore.

In this compelling tale, a family is unwittingly immersed into a bottomless pit of enabling as one of them battles her internal demons and tries to convince everyone around her she is not as crazy as she seems.

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