Closed Eyes
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Closed Eyes

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Lucas Blane
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Author Lucas Blanes first collection of short suspenseful tales offers a thrill ride through his imagination.In Clouds, a young fog fighter determined to protect Frontville from a cloud legend suddenly realizes he is about to become immersed in the fight of his life as dark wings attack his town and change it forever. The Alaskan Hunt tells the story of a man who buys a cabin in Alaskaand slowly starts to go crazy. In Mile of Mayhem, a haunted road transforms into a popular attraction that tests the fears of those brave enough to try it. A crazy inventor works in his warehouse on a creation he hopes will change the world in Suicide Sessions, and Sea Salt tells the story of a psychiatric patient who embarks on a cruise ship vacation to an island without any idea things are about to get very strange.
Closed Eyes shares a compilation of eight stories that invite you on a gripping journey through the experiences of an eclectic group of characters battling their greatest challenges: themselves.

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