The Funny Side of Life
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The Funny Side of Life

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Roger Kohler
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Roger Kohler thinks there is nothing better in life than having a good laugh. With that in mind, he shares a collection of humorous anecdotes that provide a chronological glimpse into his memories from a life well lived.
Kohler begins by detailing his childhood in Australia, where he attended boarding school with his occasionally ornery mates and was categorized by his French teacher as hopelessly weak. From shark sightings to run-ins with the police, Kohler narrates a slew of amusing events as he matured from boyhood into manhood. He details his adventures motoring around Sydney Cove with a girlfriend, attending concerts, and enduring a frightening encounter with an ex-girlfriend in the dark of the night. He provides an entertaining ride through his past as he embraces every experience, good or bad, with a smile.

The Funny Side of Life shares one mans amusing reflections about his unique journey as he discovers there is nothing more fun than laughing at lifes funny moments.

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