Bells with Wings
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Bells with Wings

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Eileen Blakeman
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Bells with Wings presents a poetry collection that seeks to remind us that nature talks to us in simple ways. It shows us vanity in all its beauty, as well as its worst during many mood changes, entertaining us constantly throughout our life. The poems in this collection depict some of the many insights nature can provide, along with selected photographic illustrations.Written on Cape Cod, in the British Isles, and in the high desert of California, these verses seek to extend peace and beauty. Bells with Wings encourages you to look at life differently and to realize its simplicity is the soul of nature. When all else fails, nature is always there, guiding us through life. Perhaps the scent of a flower or the tracks of a small furry animal scurrying by can divert our thoughts and keep us on the right path in our journey to discover the truth in nature.

AwakeningsI look up high and see the treesGently swaying in a summer breeze.I pass a bush with the scent of roseThe wonder of how fast it grows.I look at life; I look at me:The growth of wisdom I do see.

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