A Year of Feasting
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A Year of Feasting

Manual on the Seven Feasts of God Seen from a Christian-Messianic Jewish Perspective from the Old and New Testament
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Sonya A. Mozingo
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Author Sonya A. Mozingo grew up in a Christian home, but she never learned about the seven feasts of God. When she reached a desperate time in her life, she stumbled across a book on Gods feasts, and she learned that any believer in Yeshua Jesus Christ is an heir to Gods Abrahamic covenantnot just Jews.
God declares these feasts should be taught to our children and should be held at specific dates and times. The feasts are Gods rhythm and heartbeat; while its true that He can bless us at any time, these special occasions serve as an ancient portal to some of His richest blessings.

If you are a believer and find yourself struggling to stay afloat and bound by the cares of life, then you may be unaware of the rich blessings, prosperity and freedom that can be yours by honoring Gods appointed days. Make a conscious choice to live a life full of abundance.

By looking to the Bible, Jews and gentiles can come together and live as God intended through A Year of Feasting.

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