Growing with Grace
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Growing with Grace

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Joanne Young
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In her first week inside the womb, a developing fetus can hardly wait to meet her mother who she knows is a beautiful person because the angels have told her so. This, however, is their little secret because the only ones who know about Grace now are God and her angels.
As Grace grows bigger inside her mommy soon she is not a secret anymore! While the angels dance, Graces parents learn that a baby is on the way and they are delighted! Over the next few weeks God peeks in to check on her as Grace forms fingers, toes and even eyelids. While the angels gently guide her she develops in exciting ways, learns about her waiting family and tap dances on her mommys bladder! Finally it is time for her to be born!

Through amusing text and adorable illustrations Grace, a growing fetus, comments on her weekly changes and observes, mostly through her angels, what is happening in the outside world and what to expect after she is born.

Growing With Grace is an illustrated tale that shares an educational, entertaining glimpse at a growing fetus as she observes her physical development, celebrates the miracle of creation and, with the help of God and her angels, waits to enter the world.

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