Important Questions to Ask Before and After Marriage
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Important Questions to Ask Before and After Marriage

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Claude Strayhorn
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Some people believe if you want to quench a romance while dating, start asking probing questions. This approach leads to so many people getting married and only then discovering that they arent right for each other. Its a recipe for disaster that can be avoided by asking questions before marriageand then keeping the lines of communication open.In this guide, authors Claude and Valerie Strayhorn, who have almost forty years of experience in the ministry, rely on their own experiences dating, their successful marriage, and experiences counseling couples to help you find the right partner or get through a difficult time with your spouse. The questions focus on a wide range of areas, such as religious beliefs, career aspirations, views about money and parenting, and even the small things that arent really all that small. Some of them are questions people forget to ask, while others are those they never think to ask.Dont gamble with something as important and holy as marriage. Find happiness and glorify God with the right person by your side by asking important questions.

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