Delanee, Honee, and Friends
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Delanee, Honee, and Friends

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V.M. Mills
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Just when Delanee was starting to make friends, her dads job forced them to move again. It isnt easy for Delanee to make friends. She doesnt look or think like other children. Her parents tell her to pray about it, so every night Delanee prays for God to send her a friend to play with at recess.On the morning her mom starts at her new job, Delanee just doesnt want to go to school. She has no friends, and she is sure that will never change. She doesnt know that God has something special planned for her today through the help of a little honeybee. With the help of her new friend, Delanee learns about communication, trust, and the true meaning of friendship.
In this book written for young readers, a child of God has her prayers for a friend answered, and a new world of faith and friendship unfolds before her.

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