Christmas for Angelo
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Christmas for Angelo

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Robert M. Palazzo
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Angelo is only sixteen months old, but he is old enough to know that something is going on. There is excitement everywhere. Beautiful music, songs about joy and cheer fill the air. There are mysterious bundles and boxes in all corners, and there is a beautiful tree covered in lights and colorful balls in his house. Theres magic in the air, and the adults keep calling it Christmas. What is Christmas?Join Angelo as he experiences the events of Christmas with his familythe sights, sounds, food, and fun. He meets Santa Claus and sees the eighty-foot Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. And then on Christmas Day, he has lots of presents to open and play with, along with his family.
Bringing back memories of a childs experiences of the holiday season, this childrens book recalls the joy and wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a toddler.

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