Cancer Changes Some Things, but Not Everything
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Cancer Changes Some Things, but Not Everything

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Dana Romanello-Flynn
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When someone has cancer, it can change a lot of things about that person. Cancer can change the way someone looks and feels; it can even change some of the things someone does. But there is one thing that cancer can never change: cancer can never change love.Gaining insight from her own mothers battle with cancer, author Dana Romanello-Flynn shows what day-to-day life can be like for the child of a parent with cancer. That struggle can be one of the most unsettling things a child can face, and in that situation it is important to focus on hope and life.
Cancer Changes Some Things, But Not Everything is told from the perspective of a daughter whose mother has cancer. Embedded within her story are little things that can be helpful and inspire hope in children as they support their parents on their own cancer journeys.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to support the research efforts of the Lustgarten Foundation, and find a cure for pancreatic cancer.
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