Your Future Is an Open Book
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Your Future Is an Open Book

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Marla Blackwell
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Where can I go?What can I see?How can I learn?What I can be?For young people, thinking about the future and what they would like to be when they grow up can be fun, exciting, and sometimes even a little bit scary. With that in mind, retired language arts teacher Marla Blackwell presents a variety of career options for young people in an illustrated poem that encourages a love of reading, learning, and an exploration of all life has to offer.
Through rhyming verse and colorful illustrations, Blackwell invites children to consider a wide range of careers, including everything from magician to mathematician, astronauts to race car drivers, musicians to scientists, and teachers to preachers. She reminds children that through reading and learning, it is possible to create your own destiny.
In this picture book, a seasoned teacher seeks to open the eyes of children to all the possibilities in life while encouraging a love of all the treasures found inside a book cover.

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