The Corridor of Life
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The Corridor of Life

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Pius Yao Ashiara
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Comparing life to a highway journeyincluding divided lanes with entrances and exits culminating at man, woman, marriage, father, mother, children, mind, reverence for the dollar, and putting life and America in perspectiveThe Corridor of Life offers a roadmap to plan your life from birth to death.In this guide, author Pius Yao Ashiara presents a series of reflections and lessons to help you make the best decisions for where you want your life to lead and make your existence more meaningful. He shows that you must be open to changing your mind and your heart if you expect to make improvements in your life. He also considers the differences between men and women, the beginning of mankind, and what will be inside todays Garden of Eden.
The Corridor of Life explores the different stages of life from several and varied perspectives to ensure you make the best of whats offered in this worlda mission far beyond waking and sleeping.

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