Go Play Outside
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Go Play Outside

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Natalie Kammerzell McKaughan
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When Connie gets home from school, she drops her heavy backpack to the ground, gets her favorite snack, and uses the remote control to surf channels in search for her favorite cartoon. Connies mother tells her its a beautiful day outside and that she should go out there and play. But what will she do?Tuesday is crisp and breezy. Wednesday is wacky. Thursday is rainy. Friday is fantastic. Every day holds a great adventure, no matter the weather. Thats exactly what Connie and others kids, like Jeffrey and Brooke and Patsy, learnits fun to go play outside!
Including colorful illustrations, Go Play Outside encourages children to be active and play outside, reminding them how fun it is to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and create lifelong memories with old and new friends. Indoor pastimes can wait. Its time to go outside to play!

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