A Pea with a Purpose
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A Pea with a Purpose

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Michelle Voizin
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To Perry, a small, organic English pea, the world seems a little scary. He knows that not everything in the world is good. If hes not careful, leaving the safety of his pod could mean being thrown away, left on the floor, or even tossed into the garbage disposal. Even so, Perry is excited to start his lifes journey.Perry the Pea has more than he knows within him, and he must discover it and share it with the world. With the help and love of his mum and the rest of his family, Perry comes to realize that he has a destiny to fulfill. Along with his new friend, Winston, Perry follows the process of an organic pea and makes his way to the home of a family! Come along on his lifes journey
A Pea with a Purpose celebrates sharing with others, learning to love, building self-esteem, and holding your dream close to your heart.

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