Touch Touch
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Touch Touch

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Debra Kaplan-Kira
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Have you ever built a snowman? It can be a wonderful sharing experience with your family and friends. If you live in a place where it snows, you may be able to wait for just the right kind of weather. But if you dont live someplace cold, building a snowman may not be something you can look forward to.
Touch Touch: Snowman brings the fun-filled joy of building a snowman to every family, any where and any time of year. With simple instructions and innovative images, author and long-time educator Debra Kaplan-Kira challenges young readers to sharpen their literacy skills while engaging in the age-old pastime of playing in the snow.

Whether you build snowmen every winter or youve never done it before Touch Touch: Snowman will bring joy to your reading routine. Enjoy this interactive book with your children. Bring a snowman to life and get him ready to play.

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