Coming Home
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Coming Home

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Marjorie A. Harrison
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Most of us long to share our lives with a special someone. Twenty-five-year-old Violet Swift is no different. She lives a fulfilling life for God and runs the family business with her mother. But while she is mostly content, Violet yearns to meet the man God wants her to spend the rest of her life with. Actor Chris Davidson is just looking for a little peace and quiet when he meets Violet. Could they be Gods match for each other?
In Coming Home, author Marjorie A. Harrison tells the story of a couple who learn the real meaning of true and sacrificial love. On the surface, Violet and Chris may seem not to have a lot in common. And their potential relationship doesnt come easily. When God places Chris in her path, Violet must choose to follow Gods leading or be influenced by others and her own prideful heart. As for Chris, his world is turned upside down when he meets Violet. Will he listen to the still quiet voice of God, or will he let his sinful nature blind him to what God has planned for his future.

Coming Home is a tale of trial and uncertainty, but it is also one of love, hope, and most important, faith. Trust that God will let you know who the right person is for you. You just have to listen and have faith.

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