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The Buzz

Pointing Fingers
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Terri Ivens
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It is 1981 in Reno, Nevada, and Kassia Ella has been a freshman at Procter R. Hug High School for exactly four horrible days. With her closest friends from middle school zoned for another high school, Kassia reluctantly attempts to start all over again.Even though she is captain of the freshman cheerleading squad and has dreams of one day finding true love, Kassia thinks isolation is her new best friend. But all of that changes during an assembly when her eyes fall upon number thirty-five on the freshman football team and Kassia suddenly believes in love at first sight. Now Kassia has but one goal: to meet her new crush. After she finally connects with Michael at a school dance and he begins to pursue her, Kassia must battle not only gossip, jealousy, and manipulation, but also her feelings of inadequacy, self-comparison, and fear of rejection. Now only time will tell if she will be successful and find the love she has always wanted.
In this first installment in a young adult series, a teenager plagued by a fear of the unknown, her new friends, and her uncertain feelings is about to discover that life never goes as expected.


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