Wuffold the Wudge
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Wuffold the Wudge

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Sandy Mittelman
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Befuddled but loveable, Wuffold has been ruling the tiny Wudgedom of Wygeria for many, many years. However, when a diplomatic crisis causes Wudge Wuffold to resign, he decides to send his twin daughters, Willi and Wanda, on a perilous quest to determine which one should inherit his throne. But there hasnt been a successful quest in all of Wygerian history.From the castle of the Wudgedom to the shores of Earth End, the two Wudgerinas travel in search of a magic, age-defying potion that each hopes will win her the Wudgedom. In the end, however, the rightful rulers are discovered in a most surprising place.
Wuffold the Wudge is a fairy tale for a contemporary audience. Using humor, irony, and occasional asides from the author, Wuffold the Wudge is an engaging tale created to appeal to children developing more sophisticated tastes. While enjoying the whimsical antics of Wuffold and Wilhemina, readers will be learning powerful lessons about self-esteem, vanity, and what things really matter.

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