L.L.C. Lust
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L.L.C. Lust

Lies and Confessions
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LaShae Berry
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When a woman knows what she deserves, she is bound to own it.
Like any woman, Carmen quickly came to conclusion that what was missing should be rectified. Is love worth fighting for, when he doesnt give his time, energy, or consideration. Problem is; she wonder if Randy is worth that fight. So when Malcolm Rhodes, a man whos familiar with the word pleasure, makes her an offer she simply cant resist, she doesnt. She decides that its time to make room for someone new, one who can satisfy the deep sexual cravings that Randy simply cant. And when Malcolm gives her something she didnt know she was missing-- to feel wanted she started to rethink everything.

Desperation of a fed up woman, Carmen made some rules of her own: If my man wont make time for me, Ill find one who will. If my man doesnt treat me like Im his, Ill find one who will. If my man cant satisfy my every need, Ill find one who will.

In Malcolm, Carmen presumes he can spoil her in all her desires. But can she have her cake and eat it too? Or will Randy finally take notice of whats been going on behind his back. Will he fight for love, or will he walk away and never look back?

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