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Charmin Kardon
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In her innocence and youth, Charmin Kardon was very confined and old-fashioned, a woman who had her own ideas about happily ever after. When she met Maxwell, her world changed in ways she could never have imagined. They met by chance, two kids unaware of what the future held for them. What awaited them was a lusty love affair, followed by a marriage with increasingly fluid boundaries.
Maxwell was open to new ideas. He craved freshness and creativity as much as he craved Charmins warm, soft curves and luscious, large breasts. In Charmins temperate mannerisms and soft-spoken voice, Maxwell found an emerging sexual being he was obsessed with possessing. He had a lusty and insatiable sexual appetite, one she had to learn to navigate, understand, and satisfy. She worked diligently to discover how she could share his desires and needs without judgment. She also needed to learn how to manage her own desires without becoming possessive. They found ways to balance their need to be free, yet married as well. Charmin and Maxwell redefined of their own relationship as lovers, soul mates, friends, and sexual exclusives. Through their passionate exploration of negotiated non-monogamy, they created a new and thrilling level of intimacy and satisfaction that most couples may only dream of

Sometimes one has to bend the rules a littleor write their ownto find happily ever after in the most unexpected ways.

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